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General information

The Queen of Peace Library allows persons to borrow books, i.e., take the book home temporarily. The person who borrows the book must register before a book can be taken from the library and then must return the book by a certain date.

Our benefactor

The library upgrade project, going from an old Dewey Decimal based card catalog system to an online software catalog, is supported by a generous grant from The Catholic Foundation (catholic foundation.org). The Foundation is also providing grant support that funds the purchase of new books, software support, and specialized library supplies. We are grateful for their support which has enabled us to make our library resources more easily accessible and available to parishioners.

Mission Statement 

The Queen of Peace Library is a faith formation resource available to our parishioners and to the entire archdiocese. The mission of the library is to support lifelong reading, learning, and exploring the riches of our Catholic faith.

Library Volunteer Team

The Library Volunteer Team supports the operations and outreach of our Queen of Peace Library. Our team members catalog new books, select books of interest for events throughout the year, assist patrons to find and check out books, provide library orientation to new patrons, and maintain the library and the book collection. Not all team members perform all tasks; training is provided. For more information about volunteering contact the Library Lead Volunteer Nancy Rowland via email (library@smdlp.org) or by calling the church office.


Library Patron Registration
Patrons must be registered to check out books from the Queen of Peace Library. To register you must fill out a New Library Patron form online or use the paper form available in the library. If you want online access, you will need to have a Library Volunteer set up a username and password for your account. Children under the age of 13 need a parent’s or guardian’s signature to check out books.

Your Patron Account
Once you register, your patron account is created. From your account online, you can review item due dates, renew items, browse the entire catalog, and more.

Checkout Procedures
A Library Volunteer will check out any books you select from the library by scanning their barcodes into your account.

If a Library Volunteer is not present, you can fill out the self-checkout form near the library door and then take the books with you. You must write your name and contact info on the form and copy the book barcode(s) into the form (barcodes are on the BACK TOP LEFT of books) so that we know what books were taken. A Library Volunteer will enter the barcodes into your account online. If you do not yet have an account the Library Volunteer will create one for you.

Loan Periods and Item Limits

  • Loan Period is 30 days
  • Item Limit is 20 books on loan

Overdue Policy
The library does not charge fines for overdue items. The library works to serve our patrons. When materials are long overdue, the items are not available for other patrons to check out. The library does not have a large enough budget to be able to purchase extra copies of items that are long overdue. We appreciate your working with us to get books and other materials back in a timely manner.

Books can be renewed up to two times. Items with holds (other patrons waiting) cannot be renewed.

Library books shall be returned to a box located in the Library or the Parish office during regular hours. We do not have book drops for returns after-hours. We do not accept returns for other libraries.

Lost or Damaged Items
Please see a Library Volunteer in the Library.


Current books

As of the beginning of 2022 the library has nearly 2,500 books available for borrowing. Our collection is comprised of books related to Catholic faith formation and related topics. Books that are outside of this focus have been weeded out during the upgrade process.

Categories of books

The library has books in the following 17 main categories:

  • Biographies
  • Christology
  • Catholic Church
  • Faith Formation
  • Liturgy and Sacraments
  • Mariology
  • Morality
  • Official Church Teaching
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Art & Literature
  • Science & Religion
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Spiritual Life
  • Theology
  • World Religions
  • Reference

Within these broad categories are many subcategories. Click on the link for a full list of the categories plus a list of key words which are helpful for browsing. Paper copies of these lists are in the library.

Digital Resources

Catalog browsing. Access to the entire archdiocesan library catalog is available at https://archdiosf.booksys.net/opac/archdiosf/index.html#menuHome.  You can search for books using many options and filters. Search results will list books available at any of the archdiocesan libraries in Albuquerque, Clovis, Raton, or Santa Fe. Unfortunately, there is no way to filter the search results list to include only those that are held at our Queen of Peace Library.

Digital Library. You can browse e-books, audio books and streaming videos in the archdiocesan library at https://asfmrc.overdrive.com/. You will need your online username to log in and check out these items. When you are asked to enter a PIN, enter one of your choosing, no prior setup required. You are offered options for reading the e-books via a browser or on your personal e-reader.

New Books

New books are being purchased for the library, through funding provided by the Catholic Foundation grant. We are adding throughout the year. You are invited to come visit the library and check them out. New book suggestions can be made, see the FAQ.

There is a display in the library holding a selection of the new books. Lists of new books are also available, with titles and a brief description of each book. Click here for the complete set of lists.

All new books were specially selected for our library from the suggestions and recommendations of parish clergy and staff, parishioners, and library volunteers. Come visit the library and look over the newest books; they are available for checkout.



The book giveaway has been very successful. We had hundreds of books that were weeded out during the library upgrade process because of being damaged, duplicates, or inappropriate for our library. 

Library Update

The library will be open and staffed between Masses on the first Sunday of each month, beginning February 6. Hours on first Sundays will be 8:30-9:30 and 10:30-11:30. Come visit the library before or after morning Mass and pick up a book to read during the week.

Books featured this month

Books of interest for January feature the English author C. S. Lewis. Lewis converted to Christianity and became a member of the Church of England. Though he never became Catholic, his books and letters testify to his great love for God and church. His writings are full of wit, humor, and eloquent style that display his deep understanding and love for Christianity. The library has five recently acquired new books as well as eight that were already in the library. Click here for the book list. All of his books are short and highly readable.

Get involved

Volunteer - If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Nancy Rowland via email: library@smdlp.org or call the front desk. (505) 473-4200.

How are we doing?

Questions or comments or feedback about any aspect of the library are welcome at any time. Please contact any Library Volunteer or send an email to library@smdlp.org.


What if the library does not own a book I want?
The library accepts suggestions of published works for new purchases. You can submit a new book suggestion in two ways:

  1. Write your suggestion on the list that is available in the library.
  2. Fill out the online suggestion form.

Book titles and authors are great, but even subject areas for the type of books desired would be helpful.

Does the library accept book donations?
The library gratefully accepts gifts of religious new or used books, but the library does not accept the following:

  • Dirty, shabby, soiled, moldy, water-damaged, or animal-damaged books
  • Books that are ripped, torn, or with excessive marking

We can only accept clean, sell-able books and media. Please recycle worn books and media.

Can I volunteer at the library?
Yes - If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Nancy Rowland via email: library@smdlp.org or call the front desk. (505) 473-4200. Training is provided.

PLEASE NOTE:  As per Archdiocese policy, all volunteers in any ministry must be certified in the Safe Environment Training every five years. Click on the link below to access the training on-line.

Safe Environment Training



Regular parish office hours except Mon & Tue afternoon.

Staffed Hours: 
Mon  9:30am - 11:30am
Tue   9:30am - 11:30am
Wed  9:30am - 11:30am
        1:00pm -   3:00pm

1st Sunday of the month:
        8:30am -   9:30am
      10:30am - 11:30am

(505) 473-4200


Main church building
(Cristo Rey room)


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