Capital Campaign: A Time to Renew


Building Campaign "A Time to Build"

Santa Maria de la Paz was established by Archbishop Sanchez on January 1, 1990 in response to the growing needs of the community of Santa Fe's south side.  After this community of faith and ministry was established under the leadership of Fr. Jerome Martinez y Alire, the founding parishioners started plans to build a church.  In 1991, an extensive fund raising campaign entitled "A Time to Build" was launched to build the first church in Santa Fe since 1963.  Over 700 parish families responded by pledging $1.25 million dollars.

Expansion Campaign "A Time to Grow"

In June 2001, under the leadership of Fr. Adam Lee Ortega y Ortiz, the parish paid off its enire debt, seven years earlier than expected.  The most pressing need identified by the community was the parish social hall.  The hall would serve as a gathering space for weddings, funeral receptions, parish dinners, youth events, retreats and meetings.  Additionally, this facility would provide the ability to host overnight retreats, with sleeping spaces and showers.

A daily Mass chapel was identified as the second major improvement to parish life at Santa Maria de la Paz.  Although the church has won awards for its design, the space was too large for some of the events held there.  A more intimate environment was important for smaller weddings, funerals and daily Masses.  Additionally, the rising cost of heating and cooling a large church pointed to the need of having a smaller space.  A campaign goal of $2,000,000 was set for the construction of the parish social hall and daily Mass chapel.



Revitalization Campaign "A Time to Renew"

Anyone who owns property or buildings understands that maintenance and upkeep is a way of life.  Our buildings are over 20 years old and are showing wear.  Under the leadership of Fr. Daniel M. Balizan, the Pastoral and Finance Council, at the recommendation of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, requested permission from the Archdiocese to begin an "In-House Capital Campaign" to raise $500,000 over a 3-year period.  Permission has been granted to commence the capital campaign in order to complete the following projects:


The brick pavers in the main church have buckled and caused significant damage to the floor.  They have also been waxed many times, thus making it impossible to find pavers that match.  In addition, there are several hollow areas in different parts of the church.  For consistency, all the paveres must be removed.  They will be replaced with Endicott Brick Pavers.


The pews have lost their hue.  It is time to refinish all the chairs/pews in the main church and in the chapel.  They will be lightly sanded and a hand chemical rinse will be administered so that the old yellowed finish, oils, built up grase, stains, grayed and deteriorated legs of chairs and pews, scratches, and other unsightliness can be removed and refinished.  Chairs and pews will be noticeably brightened and smoothed.


It has become increasingly more difficult to find replacement parts for the current lighting fixtures and dimming system in the church.  The dimming system will be replaced with a state of the art ETC Unison Dimming System.  The lighting fixtures will be replaced with LED fixtures and with energy efficient LED lamps. In addition, two state of the art projectors will be installed for projection on both north walls.


Due to a shortage of funds from the 1991 Building Campaign, base course was not laid under the asphalt in the parking lot. Over the years, this has resulted in excessive cracking and fissures in the asphalt.  In addition, the extended curbs have badly deteriorated.  Thus, the entire parking lot requires replacement with new asphalt and concrete curbs and gutter.


How can I pay my pledge to the Capital Campaign?

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"A faith that is lived out in a serious manner gives rise to authentic Charity."
Pope Francis 10/31/13

"Let sacrifice, not convenience be the measure of your generosity."
Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his first visit to America


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